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travel & hospitality software development

Voitekk Malaysia has years of experience in creating customer experience management software for the travel and hospitality industry. Our experts have made solutions such as ticket and hotel booking apps, software to automate check-ins and payments, and products to increase customer engagement.

With our help, you can expand your services by adding ticket and accommodation search engines, online booking solutions, and guides to help your clients on their tours. Voitekk Malaysia is ready to integrate our customer experience management software with payment methods, invoicing platforms, and existing GDS and CRM systems.

Intuitive and lightning-fast search engines to help your users find trips Customer experience management solutions made from scratch to fit your target audience Integrating your system with CRM, GDS, and ERM Portals for immediate booking Implementing new payment methods and invoicing capabilities Engineering both native and cross-platform Building scheduling systems based on cloud technology Customizing the architecture specifically for travel solutions
booking & hotel development software We pledge to implement compatibility with multiple languages and currencies and add automation to pricing and inventory management. We’re going to prioritize booking systems as that aspect is instrumental to keeping your clients satisfied. systems integrations Instead of hiring in-house staff to master new APIs, turn to our dev team that already has experience with TripAdvisor, Google, Expedia, GDS, CRS, and more. We might even already know exactly what to build for you, so why not go ahead and check? custom hospitality software development Our customer experience management software includes all steps of interaction with your clients, from booking a hotel to checking in to the post-trip period when they might want to give feedback, check details of their trip, or order a new one.
appointment scheduling software Voitekk Malaysia can create digital booking systems that can be merged with websites provided by tour operators. These will handle scheduling, financial matters, and CRM as well as automate some of the more menial processes. travel portal development We can create a site made from scratch or using custom templates to build a full-fledged travel portal. We’ll base the result on your travel portal development proposal. Our experts will integrate administrative tiered access for your agents, enter scenarios for commission, booking, and customer management and top it all off with pleasant and intuitive UI/UX designs. outstanding customer experience In order to make the experience of all your customers satisfactory, we can provide them with an app that lets them access all of your services with just one tap. We’ll prioritize UI/UX as well as unique features that will help your business stand out from the crowd.
Voitekk Malaysia provides healthcare software development for medicinal and healthcare industries with customized features and functions for each branch. Expand your sources of revenue by adding online capabilities Slash HSDS costs by outsourcing instead of hiring in-house staff See your homecare software solutions reach the market 35% faster Get your custom-made customer experience management tools integrated with GDS and itinerary creators Add some interactivity to your online presence thereby increasing user engagement thanks to travelling tips, articles, and recommendations Keep building customer loyalty thanks to alluring app interface design and high-quality digital customer experience management