custom web application development

Nothing is original anymore and most apps are built on the base of many technologies tied together. That’s why Voitekk Malaysia Tech has put together experts that have the knowledge of all popular tech solutions. Our team can tackle front-end and back-end just as well as UX/UI design and data management and make basic software as well as cloud-based solutions. Setting high-quality results as our goal and staying true to the agile methods of development, we bring the product to market quickly without losing even a bit of the polish. Our web application development services are characterized by speed, precision, and flexibility.

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MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS We were one of the early adopters of MEAN stack, a system of JS-based frameworks that make web design services speedier and more convenient to provide. This means we have long-term experience with the tech. MongoDB Implementation Our experts cover the MongoDB functionality in full, such as schema development and the whole cycle of implementation, migration, and integration. JavaScript Frontend Development Voitekk Malaysia Tech creates eye-pleasing and intuitive UI based on JS, giving your apps an edge over the competition. react js development Our devs take care of the backend via NodeJS, refining your project to remove errors and glitches even before QA get their hands on it. The team also uses ReactJS to slash devtime and bring you the product faster. Plus, it improves the look and usability of your webapps which is one of our main goals. In short, we keep development quick and smart.
PHP is superb in web design services and can be used to develop any kind of webapp regardless of the type and scale. Our experts have already mastered PHP and its frameworks, making multiplatform-adapted solutions and following a few key vertica complete web solutions We have cut our teeth creating projects ranging from e-commerce, media, and financial systems to complex websites for businesses. database management The team easily tackles work with Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, GraphDB, CouchDB, Cassandra etc. web design services When it comes to custom web application development, we believe that it’s not just about looks as UX, SEO, and ease of use are as vital (if not more) to a site as flashy colors and animated buttons.
We take our time to do a quick rundown of your wishes and ideas for the project, keeping in mind your initial vision as well as the end-goal. We do email exchanges and phone or video calls if needed, as long as it gets us closer to understanding your view of the solution. Give Our Ideas Getting the team together, we discuss approaches and opportunities, keeping constraints (budgetary, technical, time, and other) in mind but always striving to get the most out of our capabilities. Merging our output with your wishes, we provide you with our vision and, after receiving your approval, chart the development course in the shape of a project plan
Voitekk Malaysia Tech adheres to agile design and dev methods (used by industry leaders and for good reason.) - Cut the process into tickets and parse them into a workflow log. - Calculate, to the best of our abilities, the precise time and resources required for each ticket. - Assign these to a 2-week Sprint. - Set to work on fulfilling the tickets and checking the results. - Report progress and, based on gathered experience, continue work with new improvements. Thanks to this agile technique, we develop quickly and without interruptions, making it easier to tweak the output and respond to feedback. Deploy, Monitor & Iterate As soon as we finish a solid build and it undergoes all required testing, it is deployed to the web or app stores.