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ios application development services

Voitekk Malaysia has spent over 5years coding iOS apps for companies all over the world and we have the expertise and skills to show for it. Even though custom iOS application development can be tricky to navigate, we’re ready for the challenge and want to help create the right solution for you. Our team works with Objective-C and Swift languages and has done so since they were first presented. You can rely on us to keep up with innovations because Voitekk Malaysia stands for progress.

Voitekk Malaysia iPhone and iPad app development team will gladly bring to life your ideas and vision, turning them into a scaling application for all Apple devices. We not only engineer the solution but test it thoroughly and bring a polished design to the table so you can have a well-rounded product on your hands.
Not even the coolest features will help your app soar if its design is poorly made. Voitekk Malaysia will set its team to implementing a modern-looking and intuitive design over the course of our iPhone app development. That way you get a product that’s not only functional but pleasant to use as well. upgrade and maintenance
While we’d be happy to do custom iPhone app development from scratch, we’ll also gladly help you optimize and upgrade pre-existing solutions. Our team is ready to do maintenance and offer tech support for your product, using our experience as an iOS app development agency to rescue less-than-perfect solutions.
Our iPad and iPhone app development team has years of experience behind their belts and will gladly take on any challenge. If you want to use outsourcing to build a new solution or optimize a pre-existing one, turn to us and witness our expertise firsthand.
Languages: Swift, Objective C
IDE: Xcode
Databases: Core Data, SQLite, Realm
Frameworks: Firebase, Alamofire, Google Map, Fabric, Social SDKs, AF-networking, Kingfisher, Charts