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javascript development services

Voitekk Malaysia has spent years mastering all aspects of JavaScript development services, using it for a variety of projects in different industries. Our devteam has the know-how to build efficient and scalable web, mobile, and desktop solutions for the clients. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies and capabilities, creating applications that lead the market and fulfill our client’s needs.

We happily use the power of React.js to refine accessible and appealing user interfaces. Though it’s not the most cutting-edge aspect of our tech toolset, it’s a trusted and reliable choice if you want pages that are SEO-optimized, fast-loading, and can be used as a base for new projects. If you need react web development services, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Why we love it:
SSR compatible and SEO friendly
Performant React Fiber rendering algorithm
Mobile dev available
React 360 for VR solutions

We’ve been using Angular from the get-go, relying on its flexibility and scaling. Considering that it’s still used by nearly 40% of engineers, we’re not the outliers either. If you want great UI for all platforms, recruit out Angular JS web development experts.
Why we prefer it:
It scales well even for huge enterprises
SEO friendly
Seamless updates using Angular CLI
NativeScript enables hybrid app development

We offer Vue application development services for clients that want mobile or desktop apps. This accessible, powerful, and efficient technology is used by industry giants and it’s growing in popularity month-on-month.
Why it’s great:
It hinges on the community
Easy to master
Streamlines the coding process
Well-organized documentation
server-side nodejs software development
Voitekk Malaysia is all for uniqueness, so taking on the task of NodeJS development services is a familiar one. We love this lightweight JS-supporting runtime environment for how flexible and efficient it is and will gladly make solutions for you based on it.
NodeJS Frameworks we work with:
hybrid mobile app development
Our devteam will offer up its JavaScript hybrid development services so you can capture the audience on multiple platforms at once. We work to bring the feel of a native app to our hybrid creations, saving time and money while keeping the quality high.
Why hybrid is a good idea:
Fewer resources used
Quick turnaround
Low cost
Easy launch and maintenance
The frameworks we work with:
React Native
Vue Native
We’re glad the times of desktop development ignoring JavaScript are behind us as the developers at Voitekk Malaysia are ready to work on your solutions with JS. It makes sense because you use a unified codebase, making further creations and maintenance easier.